About MyJewishGeneticHealth.com

MyJewishGeneticHealth.com is a free, online educational series that was conceived by the Program for Jewish Genetic Health (PJGH; see below). It is designed for the lay community, and comprises lessons, prepared by experts in various fields of science and medicine, about genetic diseases that are commonly found in the Jewish population.

We believe that the lay public needs better access to user-friendly, actionable information about medical genetics that could have important implications for its own health and well-being. The lay public also needs to gain a better general understanding of the broader field of genetics, since there is a lot of “buzz” around genetics in the media and even in pop culture.

MyJewishGeneticHealth.com was “born” in the spring of 2013 in response to these needs, and is tailored specifically for the Jewish community.  The need for and value of this platform can be better appreciated after watching this brief introductory video.

MyJewishGeneticHealth.com capitalizes upon 21st century modes of effective and accessible learning by offering online webinars and materials, available to the public anywhere at any time of day. The series comprises individual “lessons” whose topics have been selected based on their current relevance to Jewish genetic health. Most lessons have an associated short public service announcement (PSA). The lesson pages house a more comprehensive view of the topic, including a longer webinar presentation, as well as supplemental written materials and links to resources and support organizations.

Each lesson is designed to provide an overview of the condition or technology in question, in addition to addressing the question, “What does it mean for me because I am Jewish?” The end goal of MyJewishGeneticHealth.com is not only to boost awareness and knowledge, but also to enable individuals to become active participants in ensuring their own health and well-being.

Seed funding for the MyJewishGeneticHealth.com series was provided in part by UJA-Federation of New York and by a generous grant in honor of Beatrice Milberg.

About the Program for Jewish Genetic Health

MyJewishGeneticHealth.com is an initiative that is very dear to us at the Program for Jewish Genetic Health (PJGH). The PJGH is an umbrella program of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Einstein) and Montefiore Medical Center that aims to promote good health through education, accessible genetic testing, and population research. One key element of the program resides in educating the various sectors of the Jewish community about Jewish genetic health issues and solutions.

Please take the time to visit the PJGH website and our social media pages to learn more about what we have to offer!


These lessons and videos are produced for MyJewishGeneticHealth.com by the Program for Jewish Genetic Health in conjunction with other organizations and expert lecturers. They are meant to educate the general public about genetic diseases, and they reflect information as of the date of production. They are not meant to be a replacement for professional medical care, nor should the information be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Note that our videos also can be posted in the public domain, and therefore disclosure of personal information about yourself and others in a ‘Comments’ section can and will be seen by others.